Telstra: Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

To accelerate Telstra’s process of migrating their customers from ISDN to TIPT (IP based technology), Day3 developed and deployed four software robots (bots) to automate major components of the process.


These were developed under very tight delivery timelines, demanding an accelerated development of domain knowledge and understanding of Telstra’s business processes in every scenario.

Day3 deployed an agile, high velocity, cross-functional automation team and worked closely with subject-matter experts to capture details efficiently and effectively in various formats such as the process flowcharts, video recordings, and other related artefacts, which paved the way for quick implementation turnaround.  

The RPA solutions and software implemented by Day3 have been very successful in working hand in hand with Telstra staff.  Telstra has been able to meet its regulatory commitments in spite of increased work volumes and a reduced workforce by employing our software bots to fill-in the gap and keep on top of increased workload demands.  The RPA solutions have been a huge success with business, as they have resulted in cost savings, sustained delivery, high productivity & process efficiencies.

Key metrics 

96% Success rate, 439% ROI
The bots deployed by Day3 have a 96% success rate (bot runs without requiring human intervention), and have delivered cost savings with a 439% return on investment, saving millions of dollars in both reduced labour costs and reduced error rates. 

The payback period for the investment was just six months.

"Day3 are innovative in their thinking... with these guys it's just easy.  They get the job done.  They have delivered millions of dollars in savings." Christine Tibbs, Global Business Services, Telstra

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