Product Development

Day3 has an excellent long term track record in developing high complexity, long lasting product solutions.  Examples include:

Generous for Good™

Generous for Good is an advanced donations management tool with integrated campaign and CRM capabilities.  It has two variants that support the charity sector as well as churches and other religious bodies.  With its own built in gateway and the ability to integrate to their party gateways, as well as integration with major CRMs such as SalesForce, Generous is a valuable capability to add to any NFP endeavour.

Heartburst Membership Suite (Memberworks)™

Memberworks has been developed to elegantly fill the market gap between simple WordPress-style membership plugins with limited functionality and large scale membership enterprise programs that can cost six figures in acquisition and configuration fees.  

First developed for our sister company Heartburst, Memberworks is now available for mid-tier organisations wanting all the functionality of major membership ERP-level suites with a mid-tier price.  Memberworks integrates with Generous for Good to provide fuller Membership/CRM management capabilities across your donor base.

Bill Point Analyser™

Bill Point Analyser (BPA) is a software application system developed specifically for telecommunications carriers of all sizes. A value added product that these companies can pass on to their corporate clients, BPA is an analytical tool for tracking the telecommunications costs across an enterprise, eliminating the need for time consuming paper analysis.

Bill Point Analyser™ provides a global overview or a summary of costs across all cost centres and users throughout a whole enterprise. Customers are then able to drill down further to multiple service types, providing the ability to analyse usage data from IDD, STD, mobile telephone or the Internet.

Bill Point Analyser™ reduces costly customer support services by providing companies with their own analysis functions, while increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn rate through providing a valuable tool with which companies are able to extend their cost allocation functions.


Retirement communities and Aged Care Centre facilities are required by law to comply with OH&S and Building Regulations to maintain their buildings’ essential safety measures, including the mandatory fire and life safety measures required in all commercial, industrial, public and health buildings throughout Australia. 

Day3 has developed the ESIS Online, which is a web based, multi level software, a complete approach to compliance management.  

With no hardware or software to install, ESIS Online web based software generates reports and records for the ESIS Manual. In addition, ESIS Online can generate work orders for the supplier who is performing the inspection service. With over 60 nominated essential safety measures templates, plus the ability to define your own, ESIS Online can manage all tasks where hard copy evidence is required.

ESIS Online helps you:

  • Establish and document maintenance/compliance requirements
  • Clearly identify and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Keep staff/contractors/management informed and involved
  • Apply a quality management recording and reporting process
  • Provide hard copy records for evidence or audit purposes
  • Provide off site backup of the inspection record
  • Allow manager in head office to oversee and monitor multiple buildings/sites
  • Allow loading and viewing of floor plan image

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