AAP Newswire - August 30 2000
The Bladder website's most successful day
In a day of records for The Bladder, not only did the popular light hearted football site achieve the 200 user milestone but it recorded its highest ever figure for page views. The 203 users looked at a whopping 1,538 pages, eclipsing the previous record of 1,273 back on August 9.

Bladder statistics watchers were cockahoop with some parties lasting all the way to 5.27 pm before people had to rush to catch their train.

"I think this shows that we're reaching our market and that the new page layout is starting to have an effect on our figures.

Fantastic work by everyone involved and it also shows that the newsletter accompanying the
Wednesday new edition is actively bringing people to the site.

Either that, or the stats picked up the 673 times I personally checked out the stats in
the management area yesterday," said site co-creator Michael Roberts.

PowerServe management has decided to list the company on the American stock exchange immediately, opening at a price of $US 2.00 and expected to ride the
Bladder's success all the way to a predicted closing price of 13 cents (Aust).

Bladder project manager Dan Fahy was spotted checking out Porsches at a South Yarra dealership last night. It is believed that he can't decide between the red and the yellow.

Media Giants co-creator Nick Place could not be contacted for comment. It is believed Place is currently in retreat on top of Mount Dandenong, mumbling and chanting about the false gods of statistics and how laughter is the only truth. Locals are ignoring him, as usual.

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