Sunday Age - August 6 2000
Pssst - Full bladder takes the p***
If you have the internet, an interest in footy and don't take the whole thing too seriously, check out It's one of the best things to happen to footy for some time: a completely fictitious (well, almost) football website. In the words of the creators, the idea is to "poke fun at things - especially powerful, thin-skinned organisations like the AFL that (a) think they know what's best for us,(b) expect us, the fans, to just do what we're told and cop it, and (c) cannot take any sort of criticism or negative comment." Here's a sample: Innovative Roos to forfeit match By Staff Reporters North Melbourne has further entrenched its position as the most innovative team in the AFL with two more groundbreaking sponsorship deals. The first, with soon-to-be-launched airline Virgin Blue, will see North dispense with its traditional orange strip and instead wear a provocative outfit of royal blue and white stripes this weekend. But the second is sure to be even more controversial. It involves sponsorship from an unknown group, in return for which North will forfeit its expected first final against Essendon. Kangaroos CEO Greg Miller hailed both deals as a huge advance for the struggling club. "I know some of our supporters will be upset at losing the familiar orange strip we've all come to know and love," he said. "But to those fans, Beryl and Athol, I say it's only for one week. The week after we'll be back in whatever jumper someone pays us to wear." But Miller conceded that, in this case, the week after just might see the Roos not playing at all. He revealed the Roos had been offered a substantial sum (believed by The Bladder to be more than $100) to forfeit its likely first final against Essendon. "This is a fantastic opportunity for us," Miller enthused. "We get paid a lot of money just to turn up in jeans and T-shirts and watch Essendon run out on to the field and claim the victory. "I know some fuddy-duddy traditionalists will be upset, but we'll do whatever it takes to make sure that the North Melbourne Football Club stays in existence. And if that means not playing footy every week, I can live with that. After all, North has spent around half of each year for its entire history not playing football so why not get paid for it?" BREAKING NEWS * Champ retires, doesn't break down in front of teammates. * Wonthaggi under-10s coach claims credit for flooding. [....]
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