Macquarie Intranet
PowerServe to create Macquarie intranet solution
Macquarie Bank wanted to create a secure online digital workspace to facilitate collaboration between Macquarie staff and clients working on specific projects. Through the use of PowerServe’s iSmart™ intranet framework, users can publish, view and edit important information from any location.

Rather than having documents spread across many company networks, projects can now be accessed from a single reference source, which users can easily access from various locations via a logon.

Users can access functions such as calendars, email, work flow and document management and events to effortlessly manage co-ordinate each individual project and activity. The Macquarie Bank staff also extensively use the Alerts feature, which notifies users via email when an additional item has been submitted to the system.

This development at Macquarie Bank has meant a reduction in business cycle time as well as major productivity gains resulting in company and client cost savings.

Client Profile
Macquarie Bank
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Financial Services
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Macquarie Digital Workspace  - Macquarie Bank implement a digital workspace
Macquarie Bank chose Day3 to develop a secure and digital workspace to assist interaction between Macquarie staff in Australia.
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