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Investigative Report Labelled ‘Outrageous’
Melbourne, Australia (September 14, 2000) An online investigative report that has revealed intimate organisational details of Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony has been labeled ‘shameful’ and ‘reckless’ by the CEO of a leading Australian web-development company that has no actual involvement with the opening ceremony.

The report appeared on website early today and reveals that the Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, golfer Greg Norman, and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, John Herron, each have key roles in the ceremony. The report also reveals that, in a major departure from tradition, children will run around with flags while a choir of other children will sing during the ceremony.

Controversially, the report details previously unseen documents relating to a planned re-enactment of the 1985 French bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, a central feature of the ceremony.

Mr Rob van der End, Chief Executive of PowerServe, a leading provider of full service eBusiness solutions, has released a statement branding the report “outrageous”.

“There is no other way to describe this report except as outrageously funny. In fact, the whole website has recklessly exposed the shameful lack of humourous content present in the Australian media’s coverage of the Games. And good on ‘em I say!” Mr van der End said.

“This report and other stories on The Bladder website, are a real breathe of fresh air for consumers of Olympic news.”
“The high quality satirical content that The Bladder is producing will be keenly sought after during the Games as consumers tire of the mainstream news offering and look for something different.”

In other controversial news, The Bladder website reports that:
*A 39-year-old man from the Sydney suburb of Illawarra has been jailed after being overhead telling friends that he wasn’t all that interested in the forthcoming Games.
*Star sprinter Cathy Freeman has announced she will be running for New Zealand when the Olympic athletes finally take to the track in two weeks time.
*And taxi companies have offered drivers willing to work throughout the Games ‘free speed’ to help the drivers keep going 24-hours per day for the duration of the 17-day event.

"It's enormously funny stuff, but it's more than that. The Bladder is targeting a real market niche," said Mr. van der End. The Bladder ran similar coverage of the AFL season this year, and the positive feedback has been great. Subscribers to the site have grown steadily through word-of-mouth and without any promotional work.

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AAP Newswire - August 30 2000
Guardian Unlimited
Media Release - The Bladder
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