Delta Electricity
Delta adopt enterprise wide 'paperless' solution
Client challenge:
To provide staff with a customised solution to quickly and effectively deliver information across the entire organisation.

Delta Electricity required a system that seamlessly distributed updates throughout the Delta wide area network to geographically separate power stations, while allowing non-IT staff to effortlessly publish content.

Solution summary:
The resulting Intranet development utilises Microsoft technology, is fully scalable and maintainable by designated staff, and has a common backend framework, which allows for internal publishing and managing of content.

Entering via a common front-end, Delta Electricity staff can view and download corporate documentation, company mission statements and safety policies and procedures as well as project details across all office locations.

Delta’s Intranet system can manage and deliver information in many document formats within the browser environment, which encourages the staff to actively use the Intranet.

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