Macquarie Digital Workspace
Macquarie Bank implement a digital workspace
Client challenge:
To create a secure online workspace that could facilitate collaboration between Macquarie corporate staff and Macquarie corporate clients working on particular projects, team members would have the ability to post, view and edit pertinent information regardless of their location and no matter what the time of day.

Rather than have the many files and relevant documents dispersed across company networks, there would be one definitive reference source, the structure and content would reflect the singular focus on that project and all matters relating to it.

Solution summary:
By utilising iSmart Intranet technology, Day3 was able to rapidly customise and implement the web based solution.

The inherent functionality found in the iSmart product such as calendar/scheduling, events, email, tasks, document management, workflow and grouping of users ensured the solution was able to provide the users with all the necessary tools needed to manage and coordinate their activity.

The adoption of the site by the bank and their clients has resulted in reduction of business cycle time, simplification and clarity for collaboration and communication. As well as providing a very important value add to their clients, the productivity gains should result in cost savings to all parties involved.

Client Profile
Macquarie Bank
Vertical Profile
Financial Services
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