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As the investment in developing and deploying web applications grows, demands on top-level management to justify the effectiveness of that investment is becoming increasingly important. Far too often the primary objective of engaging the internet audience is relegated behind the technical complexities involved in creating and maintaining a website.

Website evolution
As an organisation's website moves from first-generation brochure-ware to business-critical customer relationship applications, the focus shifts to the site’s ability to engage and involve the casual visitor in order to turn them into loyal and repeat customers. For this evolution in the customer life-cycle to take place, a positive experience must be provided for the end-users and in the case of a web site, this means a positive web experience.

PowerServe Web Experience Audits are designed to take the subjective concept of a user’s web experience, and through the use of standardised auditing techniques and innovative technology allow expert auditors to provide an objective and detailed view of the users experience for a target web site.

What is PowerServe’s Web Experience Audit™ service?
PowerServe Web Experience Audits measure and account for all aspects of a user’s web experience and translate this information into empirical data and actionable recommendations, all delivered in an easily understood report format. A PowerServe Internet Strategist then delivers an executive review of the findings, giving your management team expert analysis and options for a go forward position.

What is the Web Experience?
The interaction between a company’s internet site and it’s potential or existing customers is where the “rubber meets the road” – if they don’t like what they see, they can choose to leave at the click of a mouse, never to return – or they can become loyal, repeat customers.

This interaction is called the Web Experience, and the quality of that experience has a direct affect on converting browsers to relationships, developing brand loyalty and meeting the online objectives of a web initiative.

Symptoms of a Poor Web Experience
A poor Web Experience can be directly responsible for the failure of a site to achieve its primary business objectives, such as:
· Deepen customer relationships & increase switching costs
· Decrease administration and customer management costs
· Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

The Good News on Web Experience
The good news is that many of these problems are easily fixed if one knows where to look. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a site backed up by expert recommendations are how Web Experience Auditsä can show you the path to providing the competitive experience today’s browsers now expect.

When you consider the fundamental importance of the customer in any business, the ability to accurately measure and improve the user’s experience becomes the key to unlocking the site’s potential.

Key Benefits of a Web Experience Audit:
· Clear direction for a successful web initiative
· Practical, easy to understand recommendations
· An understanding of the users’ viewpoint
· Benchmarking
· PowerServe Internet Strategist expertise

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